Calgary Expo 2015

Antikythera-MechanismAnother Calgary Expo in the books. A big thank you to all the fans who help make the Calgary Expo our best show of the year. This year had the added bonus of getting to hang out with and learn from the guys at Schoolism for two days after the show. I’m finally getting a moment to catch my breath and get to all the little details that need attending to after the show, like our banner draw. One lucky person from our newsletter mailing list will win one of the banners that was hanging above our booth at the show. We do these types of draws after the Calgary and Edmonton Expos each year so even if you miss this one you can sign up and have your chance at the next draw.

For those of you who didn’t attend the Calgary show you miss out on the opportunity to see the great Calgary Expo Artbook. It’s a hardcover artbook put out each year that collects submitted artwork from many of the attending artists. The theme this year was Adventures In Time. Here’s our submission, entitled Antikythera Mechanism.