What’s going on with Sourpuss?

So, if you’ve been a reader of Sourpuss you’ll have noticed a massive delay between pages. Basically what happened is Embrio has moved onto another project and I took too long to see it coming and do something about it. Embrio and I have had a complicated working relationship these last ten plus years (to put it mildly). Sourpuss was a comic idea we fist came up with before there was ever a DPI Studios and I was excited to be working with him again on it. The fact that we got 13 pages done is a bit of a miracle if you’re familiar with our track record.

I’ve now finished page 14 based on the rough thumbnail Embrio did of it before he moved on. My inking skills are a little rusty. That’s why that page looks a little different.

I’ve been conducting an open submissions call looking for a new artist for Sourpuss and as I type this I have an awesome artist working on a test page. If everything goes smoothly we’ll be back on a regular schedule right away. Thanks for sticking with us.