Large Canvas Inventory Sale

In an effort to clear out inventory, the following large canvases are on sale. Most coupon codes are single use only, meaning once one person uses the coupon to purchase the one copy of an existing large canvas that coupon code will not work again. We have a couple of canvases that have 2 in stock and those codes will work twice.

Just copy the coupon code, click on the image to go to that product page and then select the large canvas option to add to your cart. Then during the checkout stage enter the coupon code to receive the discount.

Because these are already stretched, none of these qualify for free shipping. You must pick these up in Calgary or arrange to pick it up at the Edmonton Expo.

$200 off codes!
$450 – $200 = $250!

Amigos, two cyberpunk ladies in a winter landscape.
Code: amigoslg2018

Bubblegum Noire, a cyberpunk pin-up girl
Code: bubblegumlg2018

A dragon rider and her steed on a mountain top.
Code: dragonrlg2018

A Steampunk woman reclining on a couch with her mechanical dog.
Code: madammenlg2018

Sirens (not mermaids) in a storm at sea.
Code: sirenslg2018

Jaysin's first 3D figure piece for DPI Studios based on the Lady Ravendale characters.
Code: meowkeylg2018

A mixed media hand colored Steampunk portrait
Code: rubylg2018

$100 off codes!
$450 – $100 = $350!

A 3D Fantasy landscape with an ice wall in the background.
Code: direlg2018

A 3D jungle landscape with a Hunter cloaked in the background.
Code: overherelg2018

A Steampunk girl and her mechanical bird on an airship.
Code: maidenvlg2018

Code: sorrymesslg2018

Three Victorian steampunk girls.
Code: seedpunklg2018

A female Asian Steampunk warrior holding two ornate swords
Code: crimsonlg2018