Pondering Patreon

Have you heard of Patreon? You’ve probably heard of Kickstarter. Well, Patreon is a crowdfunding platform, but in a different way than Kickstarter. Kickstarter and IndieGoGo are mostly about one time projects (like a game or *cough* artbook). Patreon is about helping to support artists over the long term.

Instead of a one time large payment for a project, Patreon is about getting smaller regular payments to help fund an artist every month. Just like Kickstarter there are rewards for your patronage, but usually they are digital rewards like exclusive content or behind the scenes access.

We went into doing webcomics knowing full well it’s a long road before they ever start paying off in any financial way. Advertising used to be the main way of supporting oneself doing webcomics, but now many are turning to Patreon. We’ve started thinking about creating a DPI Studios Patreon page and we’d love to get a little feedback about reward ideas. We’d actually love any feedback really, you’re a very quiet bunch. 

So far, we’ve brainstormed the usual rewards. For a couple bucks a month you’d get access to work in progress shots and character sheets (possibly getting the comic a day early). Then higher tiers would get access to a Patreon supporter forum or Slack channel, live streaming work sessions. And what I think is maybe the coolest idea for reward tiers $10 and up, a half back coupon to the DPI Studios store. For $10 you’d get access to everything else, but also every month you’d get a $5 coupon you could use online or when you see us at a con.

Let us know what you think about those ideas or if you have any to share leave a comment.

Calgary Expo 2017

It’s only 1 week before the Calgary Expo! This year will be our 12 year in a row at the Expo. Not only are we kicking off our new web comic series at the show, we also have some new AR enabled artwork to show off. We’ve even enhanced another one of our older pictures you may already own. So come see what’s new at booth #1022.

Daring Tales Starring Dasha

DaringTalesCan you believe it was 85 years ago that Dasha made her first comic book appearance in Daring Tales #15? Prior to that our aviatrix with a taste for adventure was most famous for a series of radio drama’s in the early 1920’s.

Dasha’s original radio dramas never really found their audience, an idea ahead of it’s time? Years later however, with the soaring popularity of real life “Queen of the Air” Amelia Earhart, the world was ready for Dasha’s return.

Her appearance in Daring Tales #15 also marked the first appearance of her mechanical owl companion she nicknamed Fred, after her father. The owl was always intended to be a part of her adventures but the producers of the radio dramas just didn’t think the audience, “would get it”.

Dasha’s origin revolved around the death of her father who was a world famous archaeologist. Inheriting his taste for adventure and her mother’s genius intellect Dasha’s globe trotting adventures often featured a race against the criminal underworld to recover priceless artefacts and lost golden treasures.

Best laid plans of mice and men

Hmm, something about best laid plans of mice and men? After dealing with a bug in the screen recording software I’ve been using, and having two new projects come up that need to be done before the Calgary Expo, I’ve decided that it is probably in the best interest of my sanity that I put the YouTube videos on hold until after the show. I’ll still be recording my progress but editing and preparing the videos is just time away for other more important work.

So, instead I’ll post some pictures of what we’re working on. Here are the two new Steampunk Portraits by Embrio. The one on the left is not 100% complete. Also, I’m still not comfortable posting TBT updates on our site so you might want to like and keep an eye on our Facebook page for more frequent little updates.