Our various comic series will feature characters from past DPI Studios artwork as well as a host of new characters created just for the comics.


Written by Jaysin and Embrio, Pencils by Embrio, Colors and Animation by Jaysin

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Sourpuss is a sci fi story that follows the adventures of two women (Kie and Brill) and how their lives are changed when they rescue a great warrior (Lish).

Kie and Brill started their journey together in the dangerous asteroid racing league as Team Sourpuss. Not content with their winnings, or the thrill, Kie decided to turn to the always in demand career of a freelance mercenary. In a land where money is the law, corporations and criminal enterprise each have their paid armies and spies.

Our story starts with Kie and Brill returning to collect on a contract issued by a nefarious crime lord.

The next Sourpuss page will be released Wednesday August 9

Daring Tales

Written by Richard Brockhurst, Pencils by Ian Navarro, Colors by Jaysin

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Daring Tales will be a collection of short stories introducing various characters from our steampunk illustrations. The first story will feature Dasha, our high flying aviatrix.

If you’ve been to the DPI Studios booth at the Calgary or Edmonton Expo then you’ve probably met the writer of this tale, long time friend of DPI Studios Richard Brockhurst. You’ve also probably spotted the amazing artwork of Ian Navarro at those same Expo’s. That’s where Jaysin saw his artwork and knew he’d be the perfect collaborator to work on a short story with.

The next Daring Tales page will be released Wednesday August 2