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Our webcomics have two different formats that depend on the size of your screen. For larger screens (desktop or sometimes tablet) we present a motion comic with animation. For smaller (mobile) screens we present just the finished comic page as a jpeg that you can zoom into.

If you would like to change the default, you can choose which format you would prefer to be shown on this device by checking one of the following checkboxes.

iconDesktop and high speediconicon
iconMobile or slow connectioniconicon

Refresh the page after making your alternate choice.


If you would like to change the default scale of the comic, you can zoom in or out with the buttons below.

iconZoom Out
iconZoom In
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2 Replies to “Page 1”

  1. fabulous start! i love your illustration style. and it's clear you actually have a story to tell (more than i can say for many webcomics, which seem to start with nothing more than some character designs, sometimes a setting, and a lot of hope). i'm also curious to see how your hero's personality and philosophy will differ from Indiana Jones since so much of the character seems cut from that cloth so far. can't wait to see how this evolves. bravo on this intriguing beginning!

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