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Our webcomics have two different formats that depend on the size of your screen. For larger screens (desktop or sometimes tablet) we present a motion comic with animation. For smaller (mobile) screens we present just the finished comic page as a jpeg that you can zoom into.

If you would like to change the default, you can choose which format you would prefer to be shown on this device by checking one of the following checkboxes.

iconDesktop and high speediconicon
iconMobile or slow connectioniconicon

Refresh the page after making your alternate choice.


If you would like to change the default scale of the comic, you can zoom in or out with the buttons below.

iconZoom Out
iconZoom In
Current Zoom

Welcome to the end of Episode 1! Thanks for hanging in there, it’s been a bumpy ride. Sourpuss is going to take a brief break to figure some things out and build a backlog of finished pages before we start up again. Not having enough pages in the queue was a big problem when we first started and I’m going to make sure that’s solved before we start up again. If you’d like to be notified when Episode 2 starts, please join our newsletter.

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