The Dragon-Con Experience

This is going to be a long one :) Our flight left Calgary on Thursday at 12:25 AM. Embrio was going to show up at my place on Wednesday nice and early since we still had some last minute details to take care of. Of course, that would be too easy. Instead Embrio's car "breaks down" about 10 minutes away from my house and he has to wait for a tow-truck to show up. Thankfully our buddy Rich was able to pick us up in his mini-van. We made our flight on time and everything was going smoothly, but we knew there was trouble ahead. We flew to Toronto first and only had an hour to make it through US customs to catch our connecting flight to Atlanta. Thanks to the slow processing of our over sized luggage ( four 40"x 28" stretched canvas prints ) and a lovely time in the "back room" at customs we missed our flight and thought we may not even be allowed into the country. Luckily we got a break and were able to make another flight into Atlanta only a couple hours later. Check in went smooth and we had time to finish signing all of our prints for the art show before we had to go down to set up. As soon as we got to the show we ran into Satyr and Pixie a couple of friends from last years show. After setting up as much as we could at the art show on Thursday night we grabbed a bite to eat and had a bit of deja vu from the year before when we noticed a celebrity eating at the table across from us. It was fellow Canadian Tom Braidwood. He played Melvin Frohike one of the Lone Gunmen from the X-files. It was deja vu since the year before we also ate next to a celebrity (Deep Roy) Thursday night. Then we phoned the general and it was off to party with the PHC (Party Hard Corps).

Hello No One!

Here's the first post on our "ArtBlog". Embrio and I will do our best to keep this current, interesting and hopefully on topic. We will be updating to let people know what we're working on, what conventions/artshows we will be attending, and when new published pieces come out. So, with that in mind I guess I'll mention what shows we will be attending this summer. First is the San Diego Comic-Con on July 25-29. We will be attending with portfolios in hand (no booth or table yet). Second will be Gen Con on August 16-19 in Indianapolis.
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