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Seedpunk in d’artiste Fashion Design

Our latest Steampunk image, Seedpunk has had the honor of being chosen again for inclusion in another of Ballistic Publishing's great artbooks. d’artiste Fashion Design focuses on costume and clothing design for characters and we are a part of Alessia Zambonin's invited artist gallery with Seedpunk. Head on over to the Ballistic Publishing website to check out d’artiste Fashion Design.

Exotique 7

We are pleased to announce that Exotique 7 will contain not 1, not 2, but 3 pieces of DPI Studios artwork. You can flip though and pre-order the book at the Ballistic Publishing site. Keep an eye out for Dasha, Seedpunk and Make a Wish while you drool at all the other great pieces of art.

Exotique 3

The Exotique 3 art book is now available to order from Ballistic Publishing. Dubbed as "a collection of the world’s most beautiful digital characters", the books from Ballistic Publish are all excellent books. I have a few in my collection and they are very beautiful and high quality. Of course I'm also mentioning it since one of our pictures was selected for inclusion. Electric Boogaloo is on page 35, you can actually browse through the book using the first link above.

San Diego Aftermath

I'm finally coming down from the sensory overload that is the San Diego comic convention. Embrio and I had a good time, it was no where near as crazy of a party as Dragon-Con, but a good time none the less. We made some solid connections and received a positive reaction to our portfolio. Friday night we went for sushi and it was amazing, really good stuff and totally hit the spot after a full day of walking the hall. We ate with John Giang of Orbital Harvest (and now ILM you lucky bastard ) and Laurie and Kandrix of Konsequential Studios.
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