Daring Tales Starring Dasha

DaringTalesCan you believe it was 85 years ago that Dasha made her first comic book appearance in Daring Tales #15? Prior to that our aviatrix with a taste for adventure was most famous for a series of radio drama’s in the early 1920’s.

Dasha’s original radio dramas never really found their audience, an idea ahead of it’s time? Years later however, with the soaring popularity of real life “Queen of the Air” Amelia Earhart, the world was ready for Dasha’s return.

Her appearance in Daring Tales #15 also marked the first appearance of her mechanical owl companion she nicknamed Fred, after her father. The owl was always intended to be a part of her adventures but the producers of the radio dramas just didn’t think the audience, “would get it”.

Dasha’s origin revolved around the death of her father who was a world famous archaeologist. Inheriting his taste for adventure and her mother’s genius intellect Dasha’s globe trotting adventures often featured a race against the criminal underworld to recover priceless artefacts and lost golden treasures.

Best laid plans of mice and men

Hmm, something about best laid plans of mice and men? After dealing with a bug in the screen recording software I’ve been using, and having two new projects come up that need to be done before the Calgary Expo, I’ve decided that it is probably in the best interest of my sanity that I put the YouTube videos on hold until after the show. I’ll still be recording my progress but editing and preparing the videos is just time away for other more important work.

So, instead I’ll post some pictures of what we’re working on. Here are the two new Steampunk Portraits by Embrio. The one on the left is not 100% complete. Also, I’m still not comfortable posting TBT updates on our site so you might want to like and keep an eye on our Facebook page for more frequent little updates.

Our Intro Video

Finally finished that intro video I mentioned last update. I also kicked the dust off our YouTube channel. The majority of future videos will be screen recordings of our progress on the various pictures we create. However, before I get rolling on these I have some important questions for you all. What do you want to see in the videos? Would you prefer more regular work in progress videos or should I wait until a picture is complete and do one long video showing it from beginning to end? Are you more interested in the technical side of my work (tutorial videos) or just the broader topics like why I chose to do things the way I did? I’ll probably mix things up but any feedback about your preferences is helpful, leave a comment below.

New Year Resolution

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season, lot’s of food, family and friends.

I rarely ever make new years resolutions, in fact I can’t remember the last time that I did. This year is different though. I have taken a bit of a break from working on DPI Studios artwork these last few months to rest and recharge, and the new year was my back to work deadline. That gives a little more significance to the idea of making a resolution this year.

My resolution for this year is to be more active with updates on social media and the DPI Studios website. It’s something I struggle with. I’ve always felt like I shouldn’t post unless it’s new artwork or an event and then I get so distant I forget to even post those. So starting now, my resolution is to post something every week or two. Ideally it will be about what artwork I’m working on, but during the slow times I’ll share what inspires me in music, art, movie and games.

My current project is creating an animated logo intro for DPI Studios. I’m planning on screen capturing my process while working and putting together YouTube videos, and you can’t have a YouTube channel without having an animated logo intro. It’s a rule, I’m sure.

As always, thanks for your support throughout the years, and here’s looking forward to a great 2016.

Pretty quiet

Yes, things get rather quiet around here after the Calgary Expo. I always put aside some time to do a little gaming after the show to unwind. I’ll admit my addiction is lasting a little longer this year :-). I’m about to head off to the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas next week. I’ll be walking the show and attending workshops in order to get a better understanding of the art licensing business and hopefully make some contacts.

The King Preview
Preview render of a Zbrush sculpture.
Here’s a preview of an image I’m 3D modeling in Zbrush. It’s based off an old unseen sketch of Emrbrio’s.