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Seedpunk in d’artiste Fashion Design

Our latest Steampunk image, Seedpunk has had the honor of being chosen again for inclusion in another of Ballistic Publishing's great artbooks. d’artiste Fashion Design focuses on costume and clothing design for characters and we are a part of Alessia Zambonin's invited artist gallery with Seedpunk. Head on over to the Ballistic Publishing website to check out d’artiste Fashion Design.

Exotique 7

We are pleased to announce that Exotique 7 will contain not 1, not 2, but 3 pieces of DPI Studios artwork. You can flip though and pre-order the book at the Ballistic Publishing site. Keep an eye out for Dasha, Seedpunk and Make a Wish while you drool at all the other great pieces of art.

Calgary Expo Artbook Cover

We are very proud to announce that our fantasy picture Make a Wish was chosen as this year's cover for the Calgary Expo artbook. We are also donating a large canvas print of the cover to the charity auction befitting the Make a Wish Foundation. We look forward to seeing all of you who can make it to this year's show. We are located in booth #415/515 across from artist alley.


Lady Ravendale to be published in Exotique 6

We are happy to announce that Lady Ravendale has been accepted for publication in Ballistic Publishing's Exotique 6! It's always an honor to have our artwork accepted alongside such world class talent.

Lucid Skin

Just wanted to thank Jeff at Lucid Skin for doing a review of our work. If you are a fan of our exotic ladies you'll probably want to check out Lucid Skin for links to other artists and news.

Deck of Illusion now available.

The Deck of Illusion that we illustrated for Green Ronin Publishing is available now. You can see some examples of the cards and order them from this page. We received our complimentary copies and we're very happy with how they turned out.

Exotique 3

The Exotique 3 art book is now available to order from Ballistic Publishing. Dubbed as "a collection of the world’s most beautiful digital characters", the books from Ballistic Publish are all excellent books. I have a few in my collection and they are very beautiful and high quality. Of course I'm also mentioning it since one of our pictures was selected for inclusion. Electric Boogaloo is on page 35, you can actually browse through the book using the first link above.

Exalted: The West

Our latest work for White Wolf on their Exalted RPG has been released. The book is called Compass of Terrestrial Directions vol.2—The West... we'll just call it The West :) and it has 18 portrait illustrations of ours. They are pretty tiny at 2 inches wide and tall, but came out really good in the book. I'll add some of them to our gallery section soon.

Preview World of Warcraft card

One of the cards we did for the World of Warcraft trading card game by Upper Deck has been previewed on their site. This is one of four paintings we did for the upcoming "Fires of Outland" expansion.

Electric Boogaloo gets image of the day.

Our new picture Electric Boogaloo gets Image of the Day at the ImagineFX website. Of course by the time you read this it's probably someone else's picture so I was vain enough to grab a screen shot :) Image of the Day


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