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Make a Wish gets a Daily Deviation

Make a Wish, just received the honor of being made a Daily Deviation on the Deviant Art website. Thanks again to Christa-Kinde who suggested our piece and to alicexz a very talented artist who gave our work the approval.


CGWallpapers.com has collected a ton of great digital artists and offers their artwork as high quality desktop wallpaper downloads. Artists upload the full-res image and you get almost every possible screen resolution as an option. $19.95 gets you a years worth of access and the artists do recieve a cut.

DPI Studios is now a member with our first wallpaper Make a Wish, and we'll be adding more as time goes on. So, if you're interested in great digital art click on one of the links or ads for CGWallpapers.com and help us earn a little kickback money. Thanks.

Sketchbook update

Hey, just letting you know that our sketchbook page has been updated with three new color roughs by me. Be sure to check out the sketchbook page and rate your favorite sketches. Higher rated sketches have a better chance being colored and eventually finished as a print. We'll be posting some new sketches from Embrio soon.Colored and B&W sketch

A new DPI Studios Website (finally)

OK, it's about time, let's leave it at that. We've got a new website!

We've added a few new features that will hopefully make the site more engaging for you. The first being a sketchbook book section containing Embrio's latest sketches. I'll jump in and do some quick color sketches on the highest rated ones. Yes, the second new feature is a rating system for our pictures. Just click on the stars under the pictures in the sketchbook section to rate our work. You will also find a rating widget for our finished color prints as well in each pictures respective page.

DPI Studios 2011 CCEE Promo Video

For those of you who missed it at the 2011 Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo here is our promo video.

What the hell is going on?

Not much ;) It's been way too long to even bother with an excuse. There just hasn't been much going on in DPI Studios land. That's not entirely true, but most of it is behind the scenes stuff that isn't really worth mentioning since some projects just never pan out and others (like a new website) seem to drag on and on. That being said, it's coming up on convention season again and we have a few new pictures for the shows. First up is the Edmonton Collectible Toy and Comic Show on the 28th of March. Then, of course, the big one.

Digital Painting Workshop

July 18th I will be teaching a one day digital painting workshop through the Digital Alberta assocation. I will be primarily focusing on Photoshop and how to use it as a digital painting tool. I'll take students through the completion of a painting from preparing the line art to the finishing touches and all points in-between. I've been using Photoshop for 13 years, so I've got a tip or two to share that I have learnt along the way. I will also be touching on Corel's Painter, a program I have been using more and more these last few years.

Did we mention the store?

After... well, too many years to mention, we have finally put an on-line ordering system for prints into our web site. For now we have kept things simple and while you browse the gallery you will see "buy a print" links next to some of our artwork. As time goes on and we have different merchandise for sale we will add a separate store page. Currently we are selling our standard 13 x 19 inch signed limited edition prints on watercolor paper. We are also selling extremely limited runs of canvas giclee's of some of our work.

Life changes

As I had mentioned in a previous post my wife and I were expecting our first baby. She arrived on Tuesday, May the 13th and was a healthy 7lbs 1oz baby girl. Her name is Ferris Elyn Brunner. It's been a crazy few weeks since then just trying to keep up with it all. My artwork and my lawn have been the biggest suffers of my lack of free time :) Embrio is also facing a big change as well. This summer he and his family will be relocating to Ontario to be closer to family out there. The funny thing is when we tell people this, they often ask how it will affect DPI Studios. It shouldn't shake things up too much since we never actually work together in the same space anyway.

Waking from hibernation

Uh, did we doze off there? You realize that it's pretty cold up here in Canada and in the winter months our internet tubes freeze in our igloo's making it hard to post to our blogs. Yeah, that's it. I'd buy a heater for my internet tubes, but I'm afraid it would melt my igloo. :) We have been busy working, mostly on our own separate side projects. There are new illustrations for White-Wolf and cards for the World of Warcraft card game that I will be posting shortly. Embrio has been doing some design work for various companies including designing some miniatures for a new upcoming miniatures game.


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