Shows in Winnipeg and Calgary

Sorry for the lack of updates, we forgot to even mention one of our last shows. We will be at two shows in the next two months with some new artwork in tow. First is the Manitoba Comic Con & Sci-Fi Expo in Winnipeg on October 11th and 12th where we will have a booth across from artist alley. Second would be the World Fantasy 2008 convention in Calgary on Oct. 30th to Nov. 2nd where our work will be on display in the art show. Hope to see you there.

Did we mention the store?

After... well, too many years to mention, we have finally put an on-line ordering system for prints into our web site. For now we have kept things simple and while you browse the gallery you will see "buy a print" links next to some of our artwork. As time goes on and we have different merchandise for sale we will add a separate store page. Currently we are selling our standard 13 x 19 inch signed limited edition prints on watercolor paper. We are also selling extremely limited runs of canvas giclee's of some of our work.

Life changes

As I had mentioned in a previous post my wife and I were expecting our first baby. She arrived on Tuesday, May the 13th and was a healthy 7lbs 1oz baby girl. Her name is Ferris Elyn Brunner. It's been a crazy few weeks since then just trying to keep up with it all. My artwork and my lawn have been the biggest suffers of my lack of free time :) Embrio is also facing a big change as well. This summer he and his family will be relocating to Ontario to be closer to family out there. The funny thing is when we tell people this, they often ask how it will affect DPI Studios. It shouldn't shake things up too much since we never actually work together in the same space anyway.


Alsatia is our latest piece and if you frequent our gallery often you have probably already seen it but I thought it was worthy of getting a more detailed look. Alsatia was my wife's old D&D character and this was a scene of one of her greatest achievements, landing the killing stroke on a young dragon. The picture started, as always, with the pencil art by Embrio done in Sketchbook Pro on a Tablet PC.

CCEE Post Game Show

This years Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo was another huge success. The organizers of the show deserve a standing ovation for all their hard work. As the euphoria of the weekend starts to wear off thoughts of how awesome next years show will be. The only downside to working the show is not having enough time to check out the other booths and visit with fellow artists. We'd like to just send a few links out to some of the artists we met at the show.

Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo

It's coming up on convention season and we are busy getting ready for the 2008 Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo this April 26-27. We will have a corner booth (#506) right next to artist alley this year. Hey, if you come by our booth and mention that you read this post on our blog, we'll give you something free.

Deck of Illusion now available.

The Deck of Illusion that we illustrated for Green Ronin Publishing is available now. You can see some examples of the cards and order them from this page. We received our complimentary copies and we're very happy with how they turned out.

Waking from hibernation

Uh, did we doze off there? You realize that it's pretty cold up here in Canada and in the winter months our internet tubes freeze in our igloo's making it hard to post to our blogs. Yeah, that's it. I'd buy a heater for my internet tubes, but I'm afraid it would melt my igloo. :) We have been busy working, mostly on our own separate side projects. There are new illustrations for White-Wolf and cards for the World of Warcraft card game that I will be posting shortly. Embrio has been doing some design work for various companies including designing some miniatures for a new upcoming miniatures game.

Lady Seraphina

We've been pretty busy on individual side projects these days, but here's our latest piece. It was a commission by Lady Seraphina, and she has the patience of a saint. We hope the wait was worth it. Lady Seraphina

Exotique 3

The Exotique 3 art book is now available to order from Ballistic Publishing. Dubbed as "a collection of the world’s most beautiful digital characters", the books from Ballistic Publish are all excellent books. I have a few in my collection and they are very beautiful and high quality. Of course I'm also mentioning it since one of our pictures was selected for inclusion. Electric Boogaloo is on page 35, you can actually browse through the book using the first link above.