Daring Tales Starring Dasha

Can you believe it was 85 years ago that Dasha made her first comic book appearance in Daring Tales #15? Prior to that our aviatrix with a taste for adventure was most famous for a series of radio drama’s in the early 1920’s. Dasha’s original radio dramas never really found their audience, an idea ahead […]

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Instagram – Throwback Thurs – Dasha

Here’s a throwback to one of my favorite Steampunk pictures of ours. Dasha doesn’t get as much love as our other SP pics, is it the color? Well, I like her so much I’m working with a guest artist on a new picture featuring her. #dpistudios #art #steampunk #steampunkart #illustration #digitalart

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Instagram – DPI Studios at Terminus

Couldn’t help putting in some DPI Studios work on a canvas that big. 😉 #dpistudios #dickensyyc #terminusfestival #touchdesigner

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Instagram – Terminus 2016

My Hang the DJ tests were leading up to this weekend. Handling the visuals for the 4 day long Terminus festival. Couple of minor issues on the first night including a flipped breaker mid way through the first band, but overall a good start. #dpistudios #dickensyyc #terminusfestival #touchdesigner