Augmented Reality App

Learning and experimenting with new software and technology has always been a passion of mine. That’s why I’m very excited to present a new way for you all to experience and interact with our artwork. The DPI Studios Augmented Reality App uses your mobile phone or tablet’s camera to recognise some of DPI Studios art and replace it with an enhanced version. Most of the time this enhancement will be animated and some times it will even be interactive.

Images currently recognised by the app

  • Invisible Bowstring
  • Make a Wish
  • Myrra the Blind
  • Lady Alençon
  • Madam Bayeux
  • Sourpuss Cover #1
  • Maiden Voyage
  • Sorry Bout The Mess

Download the app for Android here

Currently the app is in a BETA stage on the Android platform.

Thank you for your support and appreciation of our art,