Daring Tales Starring Dasha

Can you believe it was 85 years ago that Dasha made her first comic book appearance in Daring Tales #15? Prior to that our aviatrix with a taste for adventure was most famous for a series of radio drama’s in the early 1920’s. Dasha’s original radio dramas never really found their audience, an idea ahead […]


Best laid plans of mice and men

Hmm, something about best laid plans of mice and men? After dealing with a bug in the screen recording software I’ve been using, and having two new projects come up that need to be done before the Calgary Expo, I’ve decided that it is probably in the best interest of my sanity that I put […]

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Our Intro Video

Finally finished that intro video I mentioned last update. I also kicked the dust off our YouTube channel.┬áThe majority of future videos will be screen recordings of our progress on the various pictures we create. However, before I get rolling on these I have some important questions for you all. What do you want to […]

New Year Resolution

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season, lot’s of food, family and friends. I rarely ever make new years resolutions, in fact I can’t remember the last time that I did. This year is different though. I have taken a bit of a break from working on DPI Studios […]

Exhibitor Etiquette

This last weekend I attended the Montreal Comic Con. Yes, this Montreal Comic Con. I’m not going to talk about that incident since my voice isn’t needed among the many others. The etiquette I want to talk about is volume, specifically the volume produced by the booth directly across from me. I was set up […]