First off, thank you for your interest in submitting your portfolio for consideration to DPI Studios. Please read the following before submitting.

I am currently accepting submissions for the Daring Tales and Sourpuss webcomics. I am also interested in seeing portfolios for artists interested in creating stand alone penciled/inked artwork for prints. If you are submitting to be considered for comic work you must include a link to a portfolio containing sequential comic page examples.

DPI Studios is a one man company. My resources are tight, however all of our contract work is paid work. As an artist I believe artists need to be paid for their work, no “working for exposure” here. That being said, I obviously don’t have the budget of a major comic publisher, but I still want to be fair considering the amount of work that goes into a comic page. All contract work for DPI Studios is a “work for hire” contract, no promises of profit sharing.

  • Be realistic about your skill level. Look at our current webcomics. If your artwork is not at that level, your chances of being contacted are low.
  • DPI Studios art and webcomics primarily feature attractive women. If your portfolio is nothing but pictures of muscle dudes in spandex, your chances of being contacted are low.
  • Page rates vary wildly in this industry. Be realistic about what you will be happy working for, but if your rates are too high, your chances of being contacted are low (unless your skill justifies it).
  • I am open to other “styles” of comic art, but the further away your style is from what DPI Studios is currently doing, the better your quality has to be.
  • Bonus points if you have Steampunk or Cyberpunk artwork in your portfolio already.
  • Not all page rate fields are required. If you don’t do painted pages, leave it blank. Due to budget considerations most webcomics will be done pencils only.
  • Do not send story or comic ideas. We are only looking for artists.
  • Reliability is essential. If you have references from previous contract work, please include them.

Due to my time constraints, not all submissions will receive a reply. I'll try my best, but don't hate me if I don't.